Alterface showcases iconic mixed-media rides at Asian Attractions Expo

A leader in interactive ride technology, Alterface, is showcasing its latest mixed-media attractions at the Asian Attractions Expo this week.

Recent highlights include the high-speed roller coaster at Qingdao Movie Metropolis in China and the Basilisk ride (Bazyliszek) at Legendia theme park in Poland.

The Qingdao Wanda coaster is themed on ancient Chinese legends and dragons, and combines a thrill ride with advanced media-based shooting and interactivity. Inspired by traditional Polish folklore, Basilisk turns guests into monster hunters as they battle against the mythical beast.


Basilisk (Bazyliszek) at Legendia, Poland

Both rides are brought to life through Alterface’s latest interactive technology, including video projection & mapping, show control management, gameplay and custom-designed shooting devices.

Elsewhere, existing rides continue to draw crowds such as Splashing UFO on the Rapid River in Yomiuri land, Tokyo, Japan. This fun ride sees guests float along in a noodle cup with interactive light buttons.

Other rides have been so successful they have been rolled out to multiple locations. Legoland Discovery Centre rides have opened in Shanghai and Shenyang, and 18 other locations around the world. The much-lauded Justice League: Battle for Metropolis attraction is a hit in seven Six Flags parks across the US.

Mixed-media rides – ‘different and dynamic’

“The attractiveness of mixed-media has been demonstrated by the tremendous success of Disney in Shanghai, where millions of visitors have experienced that fun goes beyond equipment,” explains Benoit ‘Ben’ Cornet, Founder & CEO at Alterface.

alterface lego discovery centre kingdom quest mixed-media rides

Kingdom Quest at Legoland Discovery Centre

“It is also a clear proof that the market is open to something different and more dynamic, and ready to invest in higher quality projects with strong concepts. Mixed-media rides require a different set of skills and a lot of companies are currently asking our support to move faster on that learning curve. Increased and closer collaboration between manufacturers and customers seems to be the path of the future, and towards success.”

Meet Ben Cornet, Laurence Beckers and Stéphane Battaille at the Alterface Booth #2532, AAE, 5-8th June, 2018.