Aratag invests in education and supports online exhibits

Aratag, the mobile application for visitors to zoos, museums, parks and other tourist attractions, is supporting online exhibits, helping attractions reach their audience during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Aratag provides attractions such as zoos with a way of presenting exhibits online, in order to connect with, entertain and educate visitors from afar. Organisations can join Aratag’s international online network to get started straight away, as all the technology is already in place. They simply need to upload their content into the Aratag app.

Atarag app

This will allow attractions to reach out to visitors, giving them the opportunity to travel without leaving their homes.

Investing in education

Pangea Rocks, the company behind the Aratag app has also teamed up with Hansenberg Zoo in order to train its student keepers to become digital keepers. These students will work within the communication section of the app, where they will learn to produce relevant and engaging content for the public. This could be factual information, animal care advice and entertaining videos.

The scheme will give students valuable skills when it comes to digital workflows. They will also benefit from the project linking their school and internships periods more closely.

Glad Zoo

Aratag is also pleased to announce that it is working in partnership with the Glad Zoo family, which is owned by Glad Foundation. This organisation runs design, theatre, kitchen, media and education companies, with a particular focus on strengthening links with people with disabilities

The zoo is also a member of ISIS (the International Species Inventory System), which is a global database of zoo animals. This allows them to exchange animals and participate in breeding programmes for endangered animals, under EAZA standards

Glad zoo aratag app poster

Glad Zoo is part of a large network of partners. Like other Danish zoos, Glad Zoo is a member of ISIS, where zoos around the world register their animals. We work by EAZA standards. This means, among other things, that animals are interchanged. In addition, we participate in several breeding programs for endangered animals under EAZA (the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria)

The Aratag app was launched by Pangea Rocks in November 2019 at the annual WAZA (Worldwide Aquarium and Zoos Association) conference.