partners with Paultons Park to offer in-app ticketing in UK first, leading creator of mobile visitor apps, has enabled Paultons Park to be the first UK park to offer in-app ticketing, thanks to its mobile app. is pleased to announce that visitors to Paultons Park will now be able to order tickets online and store them inside a digital wallet with the Paultons Park app. The family-favourite destination is the first park in the UK to offer this technology to its customers.

The UK-based Paultons Park is home to over 70 attractions, including the much-loved Peppa Pig world. The park’s latest expansion, Tornado Springs, is set to open in May 2020. The multi-million-pound themed world will feature new rides based on a 1950s town in the US.

Simplifying the digital journey for guests paultons park in-app ticketingVisitors have been able to order tickets online and download them for many years, but now they can store copies of their tickets and passes inside their devices. The tickets sit inside a digital wallet, within the Paultons Park app.

The app, by, gives guests the ability to find their tickets using their booking details. They can also scan physical tickets in using their device’s camera. Visitors to the park can then show the tickets in-app. Access is easy, as they simply scan them at the turnstiles to gain entry.

Rob Griffiths, Head of Marketing at Paultons Park, says, “In-app ticketing has been part of our digital guest journey vision for a number of years now, so we’re delighted to have made it a reality. It’s something that makes visiting Paultons even easier for our guests, and the initial uptake has demonstrated just how highly our customers value the convenience of a fully digital ticketing experience.”

“We know that the experience guests want, and increasingly expect, doesn’t involve waiting in line for 20 minutes to collect a piece of paper so that you can enter an attraction,” says Mark Locker, CEO.

“Not only that but with the rise of mobile computing, fewer guests are able to print tickets at home. By bringing tickets into a branded park app, we can give guests the best possible digital ticketing experience while providing operators with sophisticated ways to engage with their guests and drive incremental revenue.” recently rolled out their mobile app platform to six Legoland sites across the globe. The apps include an interactive map, live wait times and information on all of each park’s rides and attractions. The technology already serves millions of guests each year at theme parks, zoos and resorts.