Attraktion! and Intamin Amusement Rides showcase a preview of their latest product at IAAPA Attractions Expo

At the IAAPA Attractions Expo Attraktion! and Intamin Amusement Rides will present a preview of their very first commonly created attraction genre.

This newly developed “Dome Ride Theater“ can be experienced with Oculus Rift Virtual Reality glasses during the show.

The “Dome Ride Theater” merges a full dome experience with a steel ride structure in which visitors are completely immersed in an captivating audio-visually themed environment. During the ride, visitors sit in a seat ring platform that is rotating as well as tilting. Due to 26 concealed projectors, the full sphere ride experience is mindblowing.

Shaanxi LEWA City’s theme park in Xian, China, is the first venue where the Dome Ride Theater will be installed in 2016.

IAAPA Attractions Expo – Intamin booth #3824