Leading provider of indoor fun-climbing experiences, Clip ‘n Climb, has launched a brand new, high performance connection device, BelayMate.

BelayMate is a tamper-proof system specifically for climbers using the company’s TruBlue® Auto Belay.

The new device connects climbers 100% securely to the Auto Belay line before they commence climbing. Incorporating a unique sequencing mechanism, it ensures that either the Harness Connector or the Ground Anchor Connector has to be engaged into the main body at any time. The engagement of one connector automatically unlocks the other connector.

By providing another layer of safety, the deployment of BelayMate removes the need for close supervision. This in turn means that larger centres can operate with fewer staff.

BelayMate is the latest in a range of new products the company will be showcasing at the Euro Attractions Show next week. Other innovations include Cool Bananas, Time Traveler and Detonator.

Meet the Clip ‘n Climb team at Booth 23-606 at the Euro Attractions Show in Berlin from 26-28 September 2016.