CAVU Designwerks launches Bluesky Services

CAVU Designwerks, the media-based attractions specialist, has launched Bluesky Services in order to engage its engineering team and brainstorm on projects.

CAVU Designwerks is pleased to announce the launch of Bluesky Services as part of its product offerings. This will allow its engineering team to brainstorm technically on new or existing products and projects.

“One of our favourite things is getting the opportunity to connect and engage with designers, architects, planners and any number of creative folks throughout the industry and beyond to design and engineer what is new and next within ride system design and also to discuss what’s possible, feasible, and what the costs are for different experiences,” says Mark Stepanian, VP Innovation & Engineering.

“Given the new normal, and even post COVID-19 we wanted to make sure we remain connected and available to provide the support, expertise, guidance, and knowledge about what the future looks like in themed entertainment.”

Bluesky Services

This new service will combine two different offerings. Firstly, the traditional engineering think-tank service, where CAVU engineers will work with clients to provide consultations, design services and technical guidance throughout the course of a project.

Clients will be able to access this service for free through an interactive online tool, enjoying easy communication and collaboration. By using this service, clients will benefit from the engineering team’s expertise as they explain any technical queries or issues as well as drafting feasibility analyses.

Secondly, Bluesky Services also incorporates a creative charette service, where the team will guide clients through a technical brainstorming session on the development and engineering of a new product or attraction. Sessions can be half, full or multi-day programmes, and will take place through an interactive online platform.

During these sessions, the CAVU technical team will work with clients’ creative teams to design innovative attractions and experiences. More information can be found here.

CAVU Designwerks also recently appointed industry veteran Nathan Jones to the role of Chief Operating Officer.