Arctic 4D experience opens at Cité de l’Ocean in Biarritz

For the second time, CL Corp has supplied a media-based attraction to the French museum Cité de l’Ocean. This time it has installed a 4D cinema at the facility facing the sea in Biarritz.

The 24-seat installation follows the earlier supply of virtual reality surf simulators. The new attraction, named Bathyscaphe, takes audiences on a 3D exploration to both the North and South Poles.

The accompanying 5 minute-long Arctic 4D film features previously unknown Arctic landscapes populated with rare species that are difficult to observe in their natural environment. Viewers encounter bears, whales, penguins and much more in this multi-sensory experience.

Cité de l'Ocean CL Corp

Set inside a polar exploration shuttle, the custom-designed seats feature 3-DOF motion by D-BOX Technologies. The programming by CL Corp provides precise and ultra realistic movements. In addition, there is also a ‘cocktail’ of special effects integrated into the armrest of each seat. Whether it’s a blast of air to give the sensation of speed or a breeze, water to give the impression of splashing, or smells that amplify the action on screen, the immersion is total.

Based in Le Rheu, France, CL Corp boasts 20 years of experience providing motion bases and 3D/4D attractions. This winter, it is also installing a 300-seat 4D cinema at Parc Astérix.