Industry-first waterproof VR attraction Run the River by CL Corp opens at O’GLiss

Run the River, the world’s first dynamic, outdoor and waterproof VR attraction, has opened at O’Gliss Park in France.

The ride is the brainchild of leading immersive attractions specialist, CL Corporation (CL Corp).

Run the River offers the breathtaking thrills of whitewater rafting and features CL Corp’s waterproof VR headsets.

The company captured real content for the immersive 360° experience, which is further enhanced with a host of special effects including wind, water jets and motion technology.

The high throughput ride features 2 boats with seating for 20 people. Because spectators can see the riders’ reactions but not what they are reacting too, they are eager to experience Run the River for themselves.

Even smaller venues can offer mini waterpark experience

What’s more, Run the River’s compact footprint makes it possible for smaller resorts and campsites to offer their own mini waterpark experience.

Once guests have donned their waterproof headsets, they are lulled into a sense of calm, surrounded by mountains and fir trees. Ten seconds later, they descend into the raging river, plummeting down through the rapids where the noise of the water is deafening.

Run the River is the latest in CL Corp’s portfolio of immersive attractions which includes a 4D Dynamic Dome Theatre, the ‘Birdy’ Flying Theatre, the VR Explorer cabin and more.

The company provides turnkey entertainment solutions for theme parks, FECs, zoos, museums, aquariums and water parks.