Clip ‘n Climb launches Ascendor – a new climbing challenge for children and families

Clip ‘n Climb, an international leader in the fun climbing market, has announced the launch of its latest family-friendly climbing challenge – Ascendor.

Clip ‘n Climb is pleased to announce the launch of a new climbing challenge for children and families, called Ascendor. The exciting new product joins Clip ‘n Climb’s range of over 40 innovative challenges for all ages.

Ascendor is a three-dimensional climbing ladder, which will appeal to younger guests thanks to its bright colour scheme and accessibility. The product is ideal for beginner climbers.

A dual challenge

ascendor clip 'n climbAscendor brings double the fun and allows beginners and families to stretch themselves, with two different climbing levels. It has beginner-level steps on one side, which are spaced close together. On the other side, the steps are further away, ideal for those wanting to set themselves more of a challenge and graduate from beginner status. It provides safe and accessible fun for the whole family.

This unique new product is well suited to small spaces and existing centres. It has a small footprint so it can easily be added to a venue, ideal for operators wanting an easy way to add something new, or to make the most of their existing space.

Ascendor has the double benefit of small size and the ability to cater to two climbers at the same time. This means that this new climbing challenge also has a great price-quality ratio. It is available in a range of heights: 6.4m, 7.6m, 8.8m and 10m.

Clip ‘n Climb began in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2005, and was started by John Targett and Tim Wethey.

Clip ‘n Climb will be heading to IAAPA Expo Europe in September to showcase Ascendor and its full range of innovations. The can be found at booth #3133. IAAPA Expo Europe is the premier event for the leisure industry in Europe, and IAAPA recently announced an extensive line-up of speakers who will be taking part, including world-renowned attractions experts.