Cloward H2O and dwg. create sustainable Cloudscape area-cooling solution in Austin, Texas

Leading provider of aquatic design engineering services, Cloward H2O, has teamed up with dwg. architects to create a sustainable area-cooling solution for the new Fareground at One Eleven Congress Plaza in Austin, Texas.

fareground logo one eleven congress plazaThe iconic Cloudscape water feature is a key element in the transformation of an underused space into a vibrant and relaxing hub for professionals, residents and visitors.

Using what was previously wasted water from the building’s own air conditioning condensate, the system creates cooling clouds to create a comfortable environment, day and night.

According to Cloward H2O, this so-called ‘waste’ water amounts to over 280,000 gallons annually. This means that no city water is needed.

What’s more, the unique method of water recycling provides more water during hot summer months when demand is high, than during the winter. The harvested condensate is collected, treated, stored, and then atomised at high pressure from tall, slender pylons.

pelican and seals being fed at zoo

2017 was a banner year for Cloward H2O, with 100 projects commissioned including six waterparks and 11 aquarium/zoo exhibits.

A newly-installed aquarium LSS was badly corroded

The company’s expertise was recently sought by a major metropolitan zoo wanting to evaluate its aquatic animal life support systems (LSS).

Cloward H2O undertook a thorough inspection of all the equipment to enable its specialists to formulate plans for refurbishing, improving, and replacing components or entire systems.

The company made several surprising findings including a newly-installed system that was already badly corroding. It identified the problem as improper chemical storage and poor ventilation design. Conversely, one of the older systems proved to be functioning very well. The recommendation in this case was to install a system of simple sensors and actuated valves to monitor, shut down, and isolate the system in the event of a failure.

“Unfortunately, even the best designs and equipment don’t last forever,” explains Cloward H2O’s Dan Aldred.

“As this case illustrates, a professional review of a pool, waterpark, or LS system provides valuable information for proactive management and preventative maintenance. When it comes to keeping your water perfected, the proverbial ounce of prevention can save a pound of cure.”