Cloward H2O presents Zulal, a luxury water-themed wellness resort in Qatar

Zulal Wellness Resort

Cloward H2O, an expert in aquatic design, acted as lead water designer for Zulal, Qatar’s new five-star water-themed wellness resort.

Cloward H2O is pleased to announce that Zulal Wellness Resort, a world-class, five-star destination in Qatar, will be opening soon. The water-themed resort offers a chance for guests to escape the hectic modern world and relax. It includes many soothing water features, such as saltwater pools and water fountains.

Cloward H2O was the lead water designer on this project and worked alongside WATG Architects.

A luxury water-themed experience

The five-star resort is currently under construction and is home to a series of water features, including a 3 million gallon saltwater lagoon. This is surrounded by guest rooms, each with its own private access to the lagoon. There is also a 1.1 million gallon central fountain water feature that feeds a 60,000-gallon saltwater lagoon, also available for swimming.

zulal-wellness resort Qatar

Zulal Wellness Resort has two common use pools, as well as over 60 private suite pools. There are indoor and outdoor fountains throughout the resort, continuing the water theme. Guests can enjoy tension edge family pools, hydrotherapy pools and more.

This oasis on the coast allows guests to find peace while surrounded by water. When open, it will be Qatar’s largest wellness destination, as well as the world’s first centre for Traditional Arabic Integrative Medicine.

Cloward H2O was commissioned to design and engineer the site layout of all the water features and associated mechanical systems throughout the resort. This includes pumping, piping, water treatment, and water chemistry. It was also responsible for hydraulic and electrical systems, and detailing all pool conditions.

The company also recently announced that the new expansion at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, the Guitar Tower, is now open. For this project, Cloward H2developed the 13.5-acre pool amenity area, including the Bora Bora Cabana pools, River Pools, Guitar Pool, and the Oasis Tower Suites VIP Pool.