Connect&GO partners with Amusement Services International LLC

Connect&GO, a global leader in RFID solutions for the leisure, sports and entertainment industries, has announced a new partnership with Amusement Services International LLC (ASI).

ASI is an established leader in the attractions, parks, FECs and leisure industry in the Middle East and Indian Sub-Continent. They are adding Connect&GO’s RFID solutions to its impressive portfolio.

ASI will help Connect&GO to expand its permanent installation business with major clients in the Middle East market.

Connect&GO offers RFID solutions for access control, cashless payments and experiential activations designed specifically for the leisure entertainment industry.

Anthony Palermo, CEO of Connect&GO, said: “We are very proud of our partnership with ASI. To have our solutions and our brand represented by such a major player in the region shows a huge vote of confidence in our products.”

Prakash Vivekanand, Managing Director of Amusement Services International LLC (ASI), said: “We are indeed pleased to partner with Connect&GO to develop unique solutions for exclusive consumer experiences and thus increase secondary revenue streams for our customers. We have been on the lookout for a reliable RFID based technology partner who can enable us to deliver experiential features to any L&E facility from security & tracking solutions to driving footfall via event activations and cross promotions, scavenger hunts, enhanced redemption features, social media interaction, etc. In Connect&GO we have found a brilliant partner who has many innovative solutions that can be tailor-made to suit the needs of a specific operation.”

Strategic move

The partnership represents a strategic move towards more permanent installation deployments for Connect&GO.

The company also recently utilised its “Parkpass” connected-experience solution at multiple amusement parks in North America.

RFID is one of a number of digital innovations that are becoming increasingly popular solutions. It is used for everything from monitoring crowd capacity to increasing consumer engagement and generating secondary revenue.  Connect&GO uses primarily RFID technology to provide customers of major attractions and events with a “frictionless experience” of access control, cashless payment and experiential activations.

In April, the company opened a new office in Paris which will be the headquarters for its European operations.