Canadian immersive technologies company, D-BOX Technologies, has provided its cutting-edge motion system to the IMAX VR Experience Centre in Los Angeles.

The state-of-the-art attraction features individual pods kitted out with D-Box seats, high-end VR headsets and sound systems.

Players get to choose from a range of experiences with something suitable for all age groups. Examples include STAR WARS: TRIALS ON TATOOINE and a crazy Rabbids roller coaster ride. The Rabbids ride is ideal for VR beginners. For ages 17 and over, the John Wicks Chronicles experience turns guests into the eponymous hit man.

The D-Box cinema seats ensure guests enjoy a fully immersive virtual reality, whatever game they choose.

What’s more, they deliver a level of VR experience that few could get at home.

This latest installation reflects the company’s commitment to creating best-in-class immersive solutions.

Based in Quebec, D-Box designs, manufactures and commercialises leading-edge motion systems for the entertainment, simulation and training sectors. Its unique, patented technology employs motion effects specifically programmed for visual content. The effects are transmitted to a motion system integrated into a platform, seat or any other product. Thus, the resulting motion is precisely synchronised with the on-screen action, creating a dynamic and realistic immersive experience.