D-BOX & Jaymar Experience unveil new seat for immersive home entertainment

D-BOX Technologies, a world leader in immersive motion entertainment experiences, has joined forces with Jaymar Experience to transform immersive home entertainment.

D-BOX Technologies and Jaymar Experience, a leading furniture manufacturer in North America, have worked together to create a new product D-BOX LIFESTYLE by Jaymar Experience. This new seat aims to change the way that people enjoy immersive entertainment from the comfort of their own homes.

The haptic, immersive seat can be purchased in a wide array of colours and styles. It’s ideal for those wanting an enhanced experience while they watch TV and movies, listen to music or while just relaxing.

D-BOX haptic seat Jaymar

Enhanced haptic technology

The new product is available in the US now, from Jaymar Experience as well as from Wayfair and Amazon, while those in Canada will be able to purchase the seats in 2021.

The D-BOX LIFESTYLE seat by Jaymar Experience features an innovative HaptiSync Hub, with an integrated sound sensor that synchronizes on-screen content with the haptic system, creating various intensities of movement, vibration and texture. The viewing and listening experience is enhanced with haptic feedback.

There are currently over 2,000 D-BOX compatible movies, series and music to choose from, with both classics and new releases available and many more being adding all the time.

haptic seat D-BOX Jaymar

Earlier this month, the D-BOX announced that the latest Assassin’s Creed release, Assasins Creed Valhalla, will be compatible with its haptic technology. This means that players will be able to enjoy a realistic, immersive experience when playing the eagerly anticipated new game.

The technology will be available by the end of December 2020 on PC as part of the title update and then in early 2021 for console devices, as the D-BOX haptic code becomes available for each platform.

D-BOX also recently announced that it is collaborating with Red Raion, the CGI studio specialized in media-based attractions, to offer new immersive experiences.