D-BOX motion seats bring movies to life at over 100 screens across Germany

A world leader in immersive entertainment experiences, D-BOX Technologies Inc. is celebrating a key milestone, with over 100 screens in Germany featuring its motion seating.

D-BOX motion seats were first installed in the country in 2011 at a cinema in the city of Mulheim. Since then, their popularity has grown significantly with more D-BOX motion seats fitted in Europe than any other brand.

“We are really happy to see D-BOX prosper as much as it has throughout Germany,” commented Claude Mc Master, President and CEO at D-BOX. “With so many locations to choose from across the country, moviegoers have countless opportunities to experience the latest blockbusters in D-BOX.

“We want to extend our gratitude to the local exhibitors who took a chance on us in 2011 and proved that D-BOX is a great way to boost their take at the box office, create a distinctive brand and give customers the kind of top-tier entertainment experience they’ve been looking for.”

D-BOX motion seats offer a ‘unique immersive experience’

The trend for immersive cinema continues to grow apace worldwide as theatres look for ways to add an extra dimension to their offering that viewers cannot get at home. The rapid growth in the popularity of eSports has also offered another potential revenue stream, with motion seating an ideal way to add to the excitement by bringing the onscreen action to life.

“As the official installation supplier for D-BOX, I am really proud to have played a pioneering role in this success story,” added Thomas Rüttgers, Managing Director at ECCO Cine Supply and Service GmbH.

“When I first came to know D-BOX, I was immediately enthralled by this unique immersive experience. I then approached the cinema in Mulheim and convinced them to try out D-BOX – which they luckily did – and so the story began.”