Dalí Museum plans $38m expansion with AI and AR exhibits

The Dalí Museum in St Petersburg, Florida is planning a $38 million expansion, with the addition of exhibits that use artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR).

According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, the museum has filed an application requesting $17.5 million of Pinellas County bed tax money to support the expansion – which includes a new parking garage, event spaces, and room for its new digital exhibits.

The two-year expansion is estimated to cost more than $38 million, adding a new wing with 20,000 square feet for community spaces and digital exhibits, and a new 150,000-square-foot parking garage, increasing the number of parking places from 130 to 400.

The application goes before the Pinellas County Commission on Tuesday (April 9).

Earlier this year, the Dalí Museum announced ‘Dalí Lives’ – a groundbreaking experience that will bring Dali “back to life”.

The experience will use AI and machine learning to create an uncanny lookalike of the artist. Visitors will be able to interact with an engaging lifelike Salvador Dalí on a series of screens throughout the museum.

The Dalí partnered with Goodby Silverstein & Partners on the project, which will run May 11, 2019 to June 15, 2022.

His paintings are also getting the digital treatment with ‘Visual Magic: Dalí’s Masterworks in Augmented Reality’, which aims to provide a more in-depth understanding of Dalí’s most famous paintings.

The special exhibition uses AR to engage visitors while highlighting The Dalí’s complete collection of its popular ‘Masterworks’.

Viewing each Masterwork through the Dalí Museum app on a mobile device, visitors will see the paintings come to life, highlighting and exploring their complexities.

‘Visual Magic: Dalí’s Masterworks in Augmented Reality’ will run June 15, 2019 to November 2, 2019.

The museum already uses AR, notably in the exhibition ‘Magritte and Dalí’, where guests can insert themselves into a painting.

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Images: Dalí Museum