Digital Visitor chosen by UK Parliament to oversee digital advertising and engagement strategy

Digital Visitor, a leader in digital strategy and PR, has announced that it has been chosen by the UK Parliament to manage its digital advertising and engagement strategy.

Digital Visitor is proud to announce its new partnership with the UK Parliament. This iconic location is open to visitors year-round and has chosen Digital Visitor to oversee its digital advertising and engagement strategy. It is a popular destination for visitors to the UK capital, who are able to take a tour, view exhibitions or even attend debates.

In 2018, UK Parliament attracted more than 1 million visitors. In June 2019, it received a Group Travel Award. To capitalise on this success, UK Parliament sought an agency to work on developing and implementing a best-in-class digital strategy. For this, it chose Digital Visitor.

Digital Visitor will work to promote the paid-for tours which are open to all visitors. However, they will also look to increase participation in the free tours which are provided for UK residents. Central to the strategy will be a focus on the educational resources available and a drive to include a more diverse audience.

Reaching new audiences

Emma Terry is Senior Marketing and Communications Manager at UK Parliament. She says, “UK Parliament recognises the need to reach new audiences on more diverse platforms to encourage greater participation in our democratic life.  Whilst looking for an agency who can manage paid advertising, we also want an agency who can think innovatively about our audiences and help to promote our wider offer around education, outreach, visitor and retail services.  It is vitally important to us to develop a strategy which includes both inbound and outbound marketing techniques.

“During our competitive tender process, it became clear that Digital Visitor are specialists in both digital marketing and the attractions industry and can provide the creative thinking we require. We are looking forward to using their expertise to help shape our future strategy.”

Founding Director, Anthony Rawlins, says the two organisations are a good fit and share the same fundamental values. “As an agency, it’s our ambition to engage more audiences in tourism and generally in our country, as well as promoting our attractions and indeed political systems to international audiences. We’re thrilled to be working with an organisation that values engagement and participation from their audiences.”

Digital Visitor also recently announced that it has been appointed by the Science Museum Group to oversee its Google Advertising. By collaborating with Digital Visitor, this much-loved group of attractions aims to reach new audiences and highlight upcoming exhibitions.