Disney patents “capturepult” for boat water rides

Disney has patented a “capturepult” system to improve the efficiency of boat water rides.

The “capturepult” replaces traditional boat stops, by both stopping and then re-launching the boat in a water ride. Previous stop mechanisms do not accelerate the free floating vehicle on its way, meaning that the boat takes time to reach the speed of the surrounding water and therefore slow down the ride.

The patented mechanism is fitted to the wall of the flume and stops the boat and then accelerates it on its way.disney patents capturepult boat water ride mechanism

It is not clear from the patent where the new technology is likely to be applied within Disney theme parks.

In August, Walt Disney World Resort teased more details about Epcot’s transformation, unveiling plans for a new Mary Poppins attraction and a Guardians of the Galaxy storytelling coaster.

Theme park patents

Universal has also been lodging some innovative ride patents, including the interactive tower ride and a rotating lift with stacked rooms.

Many of the new patents are thought to be related to Super Nintendo World rides, for example a possible Mario Kart ride system.