Disney Springs tests new contactless security scanner

Walt Disney World is testing a new contactless security check system at Disney Springs.

Guests at Disney Springs were greeted by a new contactless body scanner on June 13, Attractions Magazine reports.

The scanner distinguishes between weapons and personal items

The new scanners are provided by Evolv Technology. Guests simply walk through it, and security officers can see if a guest has a weapon on them.

The scanners are able to distinguish between weapons and personal items, such as a phone. Security guards are able to see where the threat is in real-time, and exactly where it is on the person’s body or bag.

3,600 guests scanned an hour

The Evolv Express scanner can screen over 3,600 an hour. Guests are able to walk through in groups or individually. When using these scanners, guests do not have to take items out of their pockets to pass through a metal detector or wait for a security guard to check their bag. This scanner could therefore significantly reduce wait times at Disney’s entry points.

Scanners can also check skin temperature

Temperature scanner from Evolv Express at Disney Springs

This scanner can also check the guests’ skin temperature as they pass through in just 2-3 seconds. This would provide a simpler option for checking guests’ temperature as the Disney parks begin to reopen with increased safety procedures.

This contactless scanner would also reduce the possibility of passing a virus between guests and staff members.

There is no confirmation yet that these scanners will be introduced at the rest of Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort.

Disney Springs reopened on May 20, while the theme parks at Walt Disney World will start to reopen on July 11.

Disney is also exploring how developments in other attractions technology such as IoT and wearable tech will transform the theme park experience.