Dynamic Attractions set to provide key ride systems for Jialong Parks

Dynamic Attractions, a leading creator of cutting-edge theme park rides, has announced that Jialong Parks has signed a Letter of Intent for the company to provide high tech rides for theme parks across China.

Dynamic Attractions is pleased to announce that Jialong Parks signed a Letter of Intent at IAAPA Expo Asia 2019, for up for nine of the world’s most advanced rides. The formal signing ceremony took part in Shanghai during the premier international business event for attractions industry professionals in the Asia Pacific region. Within the Letter of Intent, the number of ride systems, parks, and collective value exceeds any previous announcement of its kind.

“Jialong Parks’ vision for guest entertainment is fresh and exciting,” says Hao Wang, President and Chief Operating Officer of Dynamic Attractions. “They are focused on Asia’s skyrocketing appetite for entertainment and the expansion of tourism attractions.”

“We’re pleased that they have asked us to provide marque attractions at each of their inaugural theme parks in different regions around the country,” adds Wang. “We are motivated by creating rides that ‘wow’ park operators as much as their guests.”

Providing new rides and attractions

The Letter of Intent states that the attractions will be designed, manufactured, and commissioned over the next few years. They are intended for several Jialong Parks locations, including Chengdu, Beijing, Qin Huangdao, Fujian and Hainan, which are currently under development. Jialong Parks is an established expert in the tourism industry which creates theme parks across China.

“Every Jialong Park is designed to provide exceptional experiences for guests,” says Fu ShuQuan, Chairman, Jialong Tourism Group. “Our rides and attractions will have a level of sophistication, technology and entertainment that is unlike anything ever seen before in these regions. We only want the best in the world for our guests. That is why we are insisting on rides by Dynamic Attractions. We want Dynamic’s iconic, award-winning rides in Jialong Parks’ centrepiece attractions.”

“Jialong has a very exciting development plan throughout China in several parks and several engagements, and they want to build the most iconic parks in China,” says Guy Nelson, CEO of Dynamic Attractions. “So they found us because we do make iconic attractions around the world that bring people to parks. They felt that was a natural fit between their strategy and our strategy, and our ability to work with them to bring their parks to life in China. It was a natural partnership.”

Dynamic Attractions’ innovative rides have been recognized by IAAPA several times. Dynamic Attractions has won the Brass Ring for its Dual Power Coaster (2018), All-Terrain Dark Ride (2017), Motion Theater (2016), and SFX Coaster (2015).

The company recently worked on a project for Britannia Mine Museum, for the attraction’s new Mill show experience.  Dynamic Attractions designed a moving skip for the immersive, multi-sensory show.

Top image: Dynamic Attractions CEO Guy Nelson and Jialong Parks Chairman Fu ShuQuan.