Dynamic announces partnership with Chance Rides

Leading creator of cutting-edge theme park rides, Dynamic Attractions, has announced a partnership with Chance Rides during the 2018 IAAPA expo.

Together the two companies will provide innovative ride systems designed by Dynamic Attractions with manufacturing support provided by Chance Rides at its 20-acre ride manufacturing facility in Wichita, Kansas.

Guy Nelson, CEO of Dynamic Attractions, said: “By working with the legendary Chance Rides, we’re able to offer theme parks faster build times while maintaining our high standards in build quality. The artistry of Chance’s fabricators is impressive; we’re delighted to be working with them on a number of our projects.”

Chance Rides has manufactured more than 5,000 amusement rides since it was founded 57 years ago. They have developed a range of Coasters, Rides, and People Movers as well as carousels, and giant observation wheels.

Dick Chance, CEO of Chance Rides, said: “Dynamic Attractions continues to raise the bar for innovation. The company constantly wins innovation awards for a good reason; they can see the invisible and do the impossible.”

Dynamic Attractions unveiled the Dual Power Coaster at IAAPA this week. The unique dual propulsion roller coaster is capable of doing spin-outs and other racing moves. With four degrees of freedom ride vehicles can pitch forward, roll side-to-side, change heading and heave up and down while moving along the track.

Image: Dynamic Duo: CEOs Dick Chance (Chance Rides) and Guy Nelson (Dynamic Attractions) are working together, making their companies the largest source for rides in North America.