ECA2’s ’Fountain of Dreams’ Wins Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement

Wuyishan’s spectacular show, “Fountain of Dreams”, created by ECA2, has won a TEA Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Event Spectacular category.

The French company was responsible for every aspect of the show, from original concept and set design to the design of audience seating.

Wuyishan lies within a UNESCO world heritage site in the south east of mainland China. The region is known for its impressive natural scenery. ‘Fountain of Dreams’ was created as a multimedia signature show to pay tribute to the town’s spectacular setting.

ECA2 created the show from the ground up including the stunning waterfall-theatre, a world first, designed to draw spectators into the heart of the action. The show features state of the art 3D video mapping, lasers, water curtains and live flames to bring the story to life.

ECA2 has thirty years’ experience creating spectacular events all over the globe. The company adds this latest Thea Award to their growing collection. Recent winners include “Big-O Show” for the Yeosu International Expo (2012) and “Wings of Time” in Singapore (2014), both produced by ECA2’s Chairman and CEO, Jean-Christophe CANIZARES.

ECA2’s ’Fountain of Dreams’ Wins Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement