Stay at Edward Hopper’s ‘Western Motel’ for a truly immersive hotel experience

Amid the emerging trend of the museum hotel, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is now offering visitors an immersive hotel experience with a little help from Edward Hopper.

As part of an exhibition called ‘Edward Hopper and the American Hotel’, visitors will be able to stay in a recreation of the artist’s ‘Western Motel’.

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA)’s ‘Hopper Hotel Experience’ is based on one of Hopper’s most famous paintings.

“Each of our curators is tasked with creating exhibitions that provide new narratives about the collection and engage visitors with works of art in a unique way,” said VMFA Director Alex Nyerges.

Sleep in a 3D recreation of Hopper’s ‘Western Motel’

edward hopper hotel lobby

The ‘Hopper Hotel Experience’ will be a 3D simulated motel space, offering visitors the chance to step inside his work and spend the night in a room inspired by ‘Western Motel’.

The VMFA will offer various packages, with one including dinner at the Amuse restaurant, a guided tour by the curator, and an exhibition catalogue.

“Edward Hopper is one the best-known 20th century American artists, yet the public’s conception of him has largely been filtered through a time-worn biographical formula that explains his art as the product of a sullen, isolated introvert,” added curator Dr Leo G Mazow.

“Edward Hopper and the American Hotel endeavours to consider hotels, motels and other transient dwellings as vital subject matter for Hopper and as a framework with which to understand his entire body of work.”

Step inside the artist’s work with a 3D simulated space

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

The exhibition itself premieres on October 26 and features the artist’s images of hotels, motels, and other hospitality settings. Reservation details for the ‘Hopper Hotel Experience’ will be released soon.

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Images: VMFA