Elysium City: More details including a theme park and waterpark

More details have emerged on Elysium City in Spain, which will feature casinos, hotels, villas, a shopping mall, a marina, a theme park, an adventure water park and a 40,000 seat stadium for music festivals and sporting events.

The “smart city” will also have an 18-hole golf course, while the surrounding land will be used for outdoor sports, such as hiking, nature walks, and cycling.

According to John Cora, founder and chairman of Cora Alpha, Elysium City will be the first sustainable project in Europe to be built from scratch.

Elysium City will be located in Castilblanco in western Spain. With a land area of 1,200 hectares, the attraction will have its own high-speed train station, as well as a heliport.

The $3.5 billion first phase of Elysium City is due to open in 2023, with an estimated four million guests expected during the first year. Between 2,500 and 3,000 workers will be hired during construction, and after five years, Elysium expects to employ 15,000 workers.

In the first year the theme park is projected to attract 2 million visitors a year and the waterpark 750,000.

First sustainable project built in Spain and Europe

The second phase, with an investment of $10 billion, will open in 2028, adding more hotels, as well as a Formula One track, luxury glamping and an equestrian centre. The creation of between 40,000 and 50,000 jobs is estimated.

According to Cora (via Región Digital), “we have finalized the master plan”. He added that when Disneyland was built in Orlando, it opened “in the middle of nowhere… and we put it in the map [and] that’s what I see here today”.

The mayor of Castilblanco, María Ángeles Merino, explained that it will be the “first sustainable project built in Spain and Europe” and that it represents a “great opportunity” for the region.

Building work for the development, which focuses on sustainability and efficiency, is expected to start later this year. The purchase of the 4,000 acres of land required for the project was announced last week.