Embed launches range of initiatives to help during COVID-19 pandemic

Embed, a leading worldwide supplier of point-of-sale and revenue management systems, has announced some new initiatives to help its partners, customers and friends during the coronavirus outbreak.

Embed is launching a range of new initiatives during this unprecedented situation, such as educational content, video chats and even a quarantine playlist.

“Embed is a small business with offices all over the world and we are committed to working with our partners and customers, doing absolutely everything we can, within our means to support our industry’s recovery,” says Renee Welsh, CEO.

“The best way out of this is through planning ahead, anticipate what can be done and looking for innovative ways of doing things. We believe that even the smallest of initiatives has the potential to impact and transform a person’s life.”

Educating and connecting people

Firstly, the Embed team is writing and publishing a variety of educational and inspirational content, intended to support its customers during these difficult times. This is released three times a week and includes topics such as how to engage with guests during the lockdown and how to be a game-changer during the crisis.

Embed is also working to connect the attractions community through #EmbedLIVE which is a series of video chats. The videos include industry leaders talking on a range of topics, for example, Embed’s CMO, Sara Paz speaking with Welsh.

In addition to this, the company’s Women@Embed Channel is live. This was launched on International Women’s Day 2020 in order to shine a light on women in the industry. It aims to share the stories of female leaders in the sector, for example, Vicki Peek, Director of Marketing at Tilt Studio. Peek is a veteran of the FEC industry who began her career at Nickels & Dimes as a part-time employee.

And finally, Embed has shared a #clubquarantine playlist, compiled by the team, believing in the power of music to bring people together.

Earlier this year, Embed brought home two awards from Amusement Expo International 2020. It won both the AMOA Operator’s Choice Award and the Amusement Expo 2020 Best Booth Design Award.