Kraftwerk Living Technologies has confirmed it is one of the key project partners on Europa-Park’s new Voletarium. The flying theatre attraction, which opens in June, is billed as the largest in Europe.

After a ‘Project V’ teaser campaign, the German park recently confirmed Voletarium as its chosen name for the attraction. Featuring two theatres and a ride system from Brogent, it celebrates the achievements of aviation pioneers the Eulenstein brothers. Kraftwerk Living Technologies was contracted last summer to provide technical design, planning and audio-visual equipment.

Europa-Park Voletarium Flying Theatre Kraftwerk Brogent

“After having worked on several flying theatres in Asia in the past months, we are incredibly proud to be working on this gigantic attraction within close proximity of us in Austria,” says Manfred Meier, Managing Director and CEO at Kraftwerk Living Technologies (Kraftwerk LT). “With Europa-Park, we have an incredibly creative and quality-conscious client and can be certain that the attraction as well as the story around it will excite and impress!”

Europa-Park Voletarium Flying Theatre Kraftwerk

Passengers on Voletarium will glide through the air in front of 21m diameter concave screens with a total area of 425 sq m. Multiple 3D stereoscopic 4K projectors engineered by Kraftwerk LT will offer the ultimate visual experience. The ride film, by MackMedia, takes in many of Europe’s most beautiful landscapes and fascinating metropolises. Effects such as scent, wind and water will intensity the experience. Other technical features include a 3D audio system, uncompressed 60 fps video server and a camera-based alignment system.

Europa-Park Voletarium Flying Theatre Kraftwerk

Project V construction, as seen earlier this year. Image courtesy Europa-Park

“With Kraftwerk Living Technologies, we have a top partner on board,” notes Europa-Park managing partner, Michael Mack. “We are happy to work again with our colleagues from Austria, who delivered excellent AV work for our Arthur – Im Königreich der Minimoys attraction back in 2014.”

Kraftwerk Living Technologies Manfred Meirer Europa-Park Flying Theatre

Kraftwerk Living Technologies CEO Manfred Meier

Headquartered in Wels, Austria, Kraftwerk Living Technologies is a leading audio-visual system integration company. It combines and synchronises audio, video, lighting, media control and special effects to realise tailor-made concepts for theme parks, entertainment venues, museums, theatres and other locations.