Evermore announces customisable story model Evermore Epics


Evermore has released information about its new story model, called Evermore Epics. The immersive storytelling attraction will be running different adventures that let guests control the events.

The immersive experience of Evermore, where visitors are more like explorers than guests, features theatrical performance, costuming, art effects, and technology.

Evermore fantasy theme park in Utah invites visitors, or World Walkers, to run the Epics as many times as they want to see how it changes the ending. However, each run will require a separate ticket.

Evermore Epics are entirely customisable, with visitors selecting the outcome that they want. They will have to decide which side they are on, who wins the fight, and who ends up dead.

Immersive storytelling at Evermore Park

Once visitors have entered the path, they can choose which quest to follow. Whatever they select, there will be more storylines and quests within to explore.

The first Epic, entitled ‘The Bow of the Last Shackle’, will take place along the path highlighted in orange, which you can see below.

The Tavern will still be open to the public, and normal character interaction will take place throughout the rest of Evermore.

However, during the Epic, visitors will get the chance to interact more intimately with the characters due to a limited number of guests.

The Bow of the Last Shackle at Evermore

*Information of Evermore Epics*Evermore Epics are a rotational adventure with a semi-linear story model. Once you have…

Posted by Evermore Park on Wednesday, June 3, 2020

At the end of each Epic, the creative team will tally up the number of times that each ending is achieved. The most popular ending will become official Evermore canon.

Although Evermore will not share these statistics while the Epic is in progress, guests are welcome to play as many times as they want to try to get their desired outcome.

Evermore chief creative officer Josh Shipley previously told Blooloop that Evermore is blurring the lines between video games, fantasy, and real life.