Fantawild building China’s first Boonie Bears Town

Chinese theme park operator Fantawild is building China’s first Boonie Bears Town in Linhai, Zhejiang

The company has signed an agreement with the Linhai government to create the attraction, based on the Boonie Bears brand.

It will be Fantawild’s first tourism resort town in China, and will feature an animation camp, a Boonie Bears adventure, an out-of-class camp, a food carnival, and a Boonie Bears hotel.

Following the launch last year of Fantawild Asian Legend in Nanning, Fantawild has estimated that by 2020 it will have more than 30 parks in operation across the country.


Currently under construction are ten new Fanawild theme parks in cities such as Kunming, Changsha, Handan, Jingzhou and Jiayuguan. Contracts were signed last year for new projects in Jining, Xuzhou, Taizhou and Shangqiu.

Since 2007, Fantawild has opened 25 theme parks in large and medium-sized cities across China. In addition to Asian Legend, the company operates four other park brands. These are Fantawild Adventure, Fantawild Dreamland, Fantawild Oriental Heritage and Fantawild Water Park.

Boonie Bears film and TV series

Fantawild promises a strong IP programme in 2019. This includes a new Boonie Bears film and four all-new series based on the blockbuster IP.

In turn, these are expected to strengthen Fantawild’s theme park operations.

Since launching four years ago, Boonie Bears: The Adventurers has stayed at the top of the ratings lists on major Chinese children’s TV channels and attracted close to 10 billion views on internet platforms.