Fantawild begins construction of new animation theme park

Fantawild Shangqiu animation theme park

Fantawild Holdings Inc., a leading one-stop solution provider in the theme park industry, has begun the construction of a new animation theme park in Shangqiu, China.

Fantawild Holdings Inc. is pleased to announce that it held a ceremony on 23 June to mark the start of construction work on Fantawild Shangqiu Animation Theme Park. This venture marks the beginning of a new generation of Fantawild theme parks featuring the latest technology.

Fantawild Shangqiu Animation Theme Park is designed to appeal to teenagers and young people and will be developed around the company’s popular original IPs such as Boonie Bears and Conch Bay.

Fun together

The ceremony saw many officials and members of the press in attendance, including Wang Zhanying, secretary of Shangqiu Municipal Party Committee, Zhang Jianhui, the mayor and vice secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and He Zhenling, deputy director of the NPC Standing Committee of Shangqiu and secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Demonstration Zone.

Fantawild new animation theme park ceremony

Also present were Liu Daoqiang, president of Fantawild, Dun Zhongjie, executive president of Fantawild, and the vice presidents of Fantawild, Liu Yongsheng and Wang Qicheng.

Visitors of all ages will have an immersive and interactive experience as they enjoy scenes from their favourite animations, divided into three zones. Fans will recognise scenes from the animated properties, for instance, Pine Tree Mountain, Fantasy Island, Fantastic Forest, Crystal Peak and Ice Land.

Daoqiang told the attendees of the ceremony that Fantawild will meet international standards in the creation of the new park and hailed the safe construction practices. The park will be open as soon as possible and will cater to approximately 3 million guests each year, boosting the status of Shangqiu city as a destination.

Fantawild Shangqiu animation park

Fantawild Shangqiu Animation Theme Park will attract a different target audience than the existing Fantawild parks, using cutting edge technology and original IP to immerse guests in a creative new world. Planned attractions include “Animation Music Festival”, “Mirror of Forest”, “Conch Bay”, “Boonie Bears: Circus Adventure”, “Underground City Adventure”, “Prehistorical” and “Let’s Fly”.

Last month, Fantawild celebrated National Children’s Day with a series of fun runs and reopened its water parks to the public.