New Gamestate FEC in The Hague installs ‘flawless’ cashless system from Embed

The latest of four Gamestate family entertainment centres in the Netherlands has installed a cashless payment system from Embed. Gamestate Den Haag (The Hague) director Roger Tubée says it works “flawlessly”.

The set-up comprises three kiosks, four sales points, two prize applications and 80 smartTOUCH tap readers. The other three locations, in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Kerkrade, already use Embed.

“Great technology is key to running a successful FEC,” says Embed’s managing director, Rosa Tahmeseb. “We are very pleased to have partnered again with Gamestate at their recently opened site in The Hague. They are an ideal partner for our product range in the European market. We are proud of the very strong relationship between our companies and wish them nothing but success as we continue our support of their operations.”


Gamestate Den Haag opened in October and was designed by JoraVision. The city centre outlet features over 75 gaming machines aimed at all ages. Offerings range from air hockey and racing games to simulators and 4D experiences. Game cards cost €0.50 and can be loaded with credit as required. Players can also compete to win tickets which can be redeemed for prizes.