Gantom Live!, the live entertainment division of  Gantom Lighting & Controls, is unveiling a new ‘out of the box’ version of its popular ZTag Zombie Game at two major haunted attraction trade events in the US this month.

The new format allows retail outlets and haunted attraction owners to provide a live zombie simulation game anytime, anywhere.

Gantom Live! will be showcasing the new product at the Halloween Party & Expo in New Orleans as well as the Haunted Attraction National Tradeshow and Conference (HAuNTcon) in Nashville.

ZTag uses Gantom Torch Technology, an award-winning infrared-based communication system specially designed for themed entertainment use. Players experience a real-life zombie infection outbreak via their smart IR badges. The badges interact not only with the environment but with each other. What’s more, they are programmed to engage players with different challenges. For instance, players can try to infect each other or work together in teams to find a cure.

Low Cost ‘Instant’ Zombie Attraction

This new retail version of ZTag provides an ‘instant’ game that can accommodate anything from two to hundreds of players. A low-investment, high impact option, it also creates a profit centre for souvenirs and ticket sales. Plus, it removes the need for a dedicated, professional venue.

According to Gantom Live!, this latest iteration paves the way for the next stage of the company’s ZTag product development. The plan is that players who buy the smart badges at retail stores will be able to use them at attractions. This means they can play larger, themed and sanctioned games.

“Every single day we work to ‘Illuminate and Inspire’ the future of themed entertainment, ” commented Quan Gan, Founder and President of Gantom Lighting & Controls.

“ZTag is the next stage of Torch Technology and removes the barriers to Torch Technology usage. It provides an off-the-shelf turnkey solution to add new interactivity to any environment or attraction. And, it acts as an additional profit centre!”

Representatives from Gantom will be running an education session at HAuNTcon on Facebook interaction to help attractions maximise the potential of ZTag technology and engage guests.

Halloween Party & Expo runs from January 14-17 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Centre in New Orleans. The Haunted Attraction National Tradeshow and Conference (HAuNTcon) runs from January 26-30 at the Sheraton Music City Hotel and Conference Centre in Nashville.