Getty Museum launches Animal Crossing art generator

Getty Museum's artwork in Animal Crossing

The Getty Museum has opened its art collection to the popular Nintendo game, Animal Crossing, whilst it remains closed to the public.

In order to connect with its visitors and provide everyone with some art in these challenging times, the museum has allowed its collection of more than 70,000 artworks to be imported into the game according to Polygon.

Animal Crossing Art Generator

The Getty Museum has created the Animal Crossing Art Generator. This new feature is very easy to use. Simply search for the piece of art you would like in your game within the museum’s collection. A QR code will be generated, and using the NookLink tool in the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app, you can scan this QR code.

This online tool was based on the Animal Crossing Pattern Tool. If you can’t decide on a painting, the museum has created a selection of its favourite artworks. These include pieces from Manet, Rembrandt and Van Gogh.

Go beyond the Getty

This new tool from the Getty Museum can also be used to import art from another museum’s collection. Simply get an IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) from a participating museum, and input that into the Getty’s Animal Crossing Art Generator. IIIF is the technology that museums use to show art online.

The paintings that appear in Animal Crossing are low resolution, and they are only available in a square-crop format. However, it is a nice way of museums continuing to connect with its audience, and for people to bring their favourite art into their lives.

Several other attractions have been using Animal Crossing to educate visitors. The Monterey Bay Aquarium collaborated with the Field Museum to take viewers on a tour of the Animal Crossing Museum.