County council objects to Great Wolf Lodge in Bicester

Great Wolf Resorts

Oxfordshire County Council has objected to plans to build a Great Wolf Lodge near Chesterton and Bicester. The first UK-based Great Wolf Lodge will feature a water park, adventure park and hotel.

According to Oxford Mail, Oxfordshire County Council has submitted its consultation response objecting on transport grounds, stating that the development is ‘not in a sustainable location in transport terms’.

In its decision, the county council has agreed with residents, who mainly take issue with a potential increase in traffic.

The council said that ‘severe’ congestion at the nearby Middleton Stoney junction will be exacerbated by hundreds of additional cars.

County council objects on transport grounds

It also said that no buses serve the site, which is ‘not conducive’ to walking or cycling. The site currently houses part of the Bicester Hotel, Golf & Spa.

Great Wolf Lodge said it would encourage drivers to use main roads via road signs. However, residents said drivers will follow sat nav instructions instead.

In addition, the council said that a proposed shuttle bus running every two hours was not frequent enough. Great Wolf has now said it will operate a shuttle bus every hour.

If planning permission is granted, Great Wolf would have to contribute towards public transport to serve the location.

Great Wolf Resorts in ongoing talks with councils

great wolf lodge

Great Wolf Resorts

Great Wolf Resorts is in ongoing talks with Cherwell District Council and Oxfordshire County Council regarding contributions to new or enhanced cycle routes and junction improvement works.

Robert Moore, vice president of global construction at Great Wolf Resorts, said: “From the start, we have been deeply committed to providing the maximum benefit to the local community, and we are excited to share our ‘Sustainable Day Pass’ scheme as part of this offer.

“Indeed, through our charitable, environmental, educational and community efforts, we want this Great Wolf Lodge to not only be our first resort in the UK and Europe, but a resort that locals are proud to have in their community,” added Moore.