GSM Project celebrates 60 years of storytelling

GSM Project is celebrating sixty years at the forefront of experience and exhibition design with events in Canada, Dubai and Singapore.

Mémoires exhibition at Quebec City’s Musée de la Civilization

Mémoires exhibition at Quebec City’s Musée de la Civilization

Celebrations at Espace 360° Pointe-à-Callière in Montreal looked back at the company’s sixty year history, highlighting memorable projects.

Among the speakers at the event was Professor Yves Bergeron, who specialises in museology and heritage at the University of Quebec and Montreal. (UQAM). He recalled a ground-breaking collaboration with GSM Project on the Mémoires exhibition at Quebec City’s Musée de la Civilization. Opened in 1988, the exhibition examined Quebec’s cultural identity using a design approach that was completely new at the time.

Museum design is a creative act

Rather than designing the museum around a collection, the concept put storytelling at its core. According to Bergeron, this immersive approach baffled museologists back then. Now, of course, it has become universally accepted as the standard approach for historical exhibitions.

Bergeron stressed the importance of viewing museum and exhibition design as a creative act, and said this should not be impeded by an overly academic approach.

Boy with interactive skeleton

Exploring interactive skeleton at Human exhibition, Montreal Science Centre

With offices in Montreal, Dubai and Singapore, GSM Project continues to be a leader in museum and experience design, integrating new technologies to create immersive and interactive experiences. Recent projects include Human at the Montreal Science Centre, the Alaska exhibition at the Anchorage Museum and the Canadian Olympic Experience.