Renowned experiential designers, Holovis, are set to unleash their rideable gaming robots at the Asian Attractions Expo in Singapore on Booth #2038.

A world first from Holovis: Experience rideable gaming robots at AAE 2017Attendees will be among in the first in the world to experience the brand new virtual reality entertainment concept – R3ex.

Short for Rideable Realtime Robot Experiences, Holovis has created a special R3ex experience for the event, envisioning AAE in the year 2133. Guests will be invited to take a futuristic flying taxi ride around Singapore from the convention centre to a hotel. However it’s rush hour, so some surprise twists and turns lie in wait.

Riders don a VR headset as they take their places in the two-seat, four axis robot arm. Spatial audio and perfectly synchronised dynamic motion immerses the rider in an intense, thrill experience. With the media built in real-time, the setup is uniquely configurable. This means that other elements can be designed in such as switchable, tailored media, gesture based interactivity, rider guided control, even warring arena robots.

According to Stuart Hetherington, CEO of Holovis, guests are demanding new kinds of experiences that stretch and test their senses like never before:

“That’s why we have created R3ex, which is a new type of attraction where the dramatic impact of robotics has been integrated and appropriately layeredwith other technologies, all working with specially designed real-time media,” he says.

“That means effective deployment of VR today, AR tomorrow, and full holographic arrays in the future, on a robot. Our real-time game engine software linked to specifically written R3ex middle-ware seamlessly integrates all aspects of the experience, allowing hardware to be upgraded as new capabilities and price points emerge. Staying ahead of guest expectations whilst delivering system longevity and value for money is what R3ex is all about.

“We also have a four seat version in development and other ground-breaking innovations to include with R3ex, creating a completely new kind of extended experience.”