Holovis joins forces with Sangwha to provide Gyro VR experiences

Holovis, a leading experience designer, has partnered with Korean digital agency and manufacturer Sangwha as the exclusive European reseller for its Gyro VR motion systems. The companies are now also innovation partners for future developments.

Holovis is pleased to announce a new partnership with Sangwha. The two companies have kicked off their collaboration by creating a 2-DOF Gyro VR, intended for spaces with a ceiling height of under 2.2 metres. This Holovis exclusive project features specially designed middleware, and allows for the addition of interactivity.

Gyro VR is an innovative 360-degree spinning rig. It allows guests to enjoy an immersive virtual journey while performing complete rotations. Holovis is now expanding on the experience by introducing proprietary middleware, meaning that bespoke programme paths can be introduced, featuring new IP-led content that is created in house by Holovis media specialists.

Real-time interactivity

Holovis has also worked to add interactivity into the experience, as media will be rendered in real-time. This means that guests will be able to change things as they travel through the virtual world, and will, therefore, enjoy a personal experience, one that will help to drive repeat custom.

Holovis Gyro VR

Gyro VR has a capacity of four, while Holovis is also creating a two-seater version that will still have the full range of motion. The overall height of 2.2 metres is ideal for spaces with limited ceiling spaces.

Peter Cliff, Creative Director of Holovis says, “We are very excited about the ability to give guests real-time interaction and customised experiences within an on-rails environment. The new variation for spaces with ceiling heights of 2.2 metres or less will also open up more market sectors and possibilities for this fantastic experience.”

At the end of 2019, Holovis also announced a strategic alliance with Discovery Destinations in order to create new immersive and multisensory experiences that connect to viewers around the globe.