Holovis to host webinar on new Crowd Solo social distancing app

Holovis, a leading experience designer, will be hosting a live webinar to showcase its new Crowd Solo app platform, designed to help attractions open safely after the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Holovis is pleased to announce that the response to its new social distancing and attraction management solution, Crowd Solo, has been very positive with many people within the industry expressing interest. The company will be hosting a live webinar on Tuesday 28 April to highlight the functions of the free app and to answer questions.

The virtual event will be hosted by Holovis Creative Director, Peter Cliff, alongside Development Director Jos van der Steen. It will take place at 3 pm BST.

An unprecedented response

“We have had an unprecedented response to this from such a wide demographic within the industry, including theme parks of varying sizes, indoor and outdoor family entertainment destinations, heritage sites, museums, agritainment venues, zoos and aquariums,” says Cliff.

“This has been really great to see as it shows that we are on the right track with this idea and together with the industry we can shape it to be a transformative solution when it comes to getting guests back through the doors.

“We believe that Crowd Solo has the functionality to provide a solution for all types of themed entertainment destinations so are still urging people to get in touch to tell us about their use cases so we can begin our collaboration and development.”

Crowd Solo

Crowd Solo is powered by the Holovis DeepSmarts data analytics engine, and the company is making it available for free to all operators. It allows management to monitor how busy their attraction is in real-time, with insights into crowd hotspots and heatmap data.

Guests simply need to download the app to their phones, where they will use it to book attractions during their visit and join virtual queues for rides. It connects every guest, giving operators a view of exactly how busy their park is and how well it is running.

No new hardware or site infrastructure is needed, as the system uses a combination of advanced positional tracking techniques already inherent in BYOD devices connected to standard park operating systems.

Holovis also intends to add extra features in future, such as gamification, thermal imaging reports, stats and custom insights, as well as cashless payment solutions.

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Earlier this year, Holovis announced a new partnership with Korean digital agency and manufacturer Sangwha, which will now be the exclusive European reseller for Holovis’ Gyro VR motion systems.