Imagine Leisure successfully lobbies for reopening of Jumpsquare & JumpXL trampoline parks

Imagine Leisure, a leading leisure consultant and developer, has successfully lobbied for the biggest indoor trampoline chain in the Netherlands to be able to reopen.

Imagine Leisure is proud to announce that it has executed a successful campaign in order to get the green light for Jumpsquare and JumpXL trampoline parks to reopen. All of the Dutch chain’s venues have been closed to the public since mid-March.

The government previously announced that attractions such as museums, cinemas and swimming pools were allowed to reopen. However, it designated trampoline parks as indoor sports, meaning they would not be able to reopen until September. Therefore, the company asked Imagine Leisure to lobby for the reopening of its venues.

Successful campaign

Imagine Leisure had intensive talks with city councils in the country, as well as consulting with and receiving support from HISWA-Recron which represents the sector. As a result of this, all trampoline parks in the Netherlands have now been told they can reopen, following a nationwide ruling that trampoline parks are to be classed as indoor playgrounds.

Jumpsquare and JumpXL have put into place extra measures to keep visitors safe, such as implementing a cap on the number of guests inside the venues and increasing hygiene routines. Guests must book online in advance, social distancing guidelines are being observed and children must buy special socks before using the trampolines.

Earlier this year, Imagine Leisure announced that it had been asked by the municipality of The Hague in The Netherlands to perform a research project, in order to find out what people wanted to see from a new sculpture exhibition on the Lange Voorhout.

Many different types of sculpture exhibitions have taken place in this location and after a gap of a couple of years, the local government is keen to restart the practice.