Leading provider of multimedia content and technology solutions, Imagineear, has supplied its hand-held immersive multimedia guides for The Rolling Stones’ Exhibitionism.

The travelling exhibition first opened in London in spring 2016, before moving stateside to New York in the autumn, and soon to open in Chicago on the 15th April 2017.

The Rolling Stone’s story is told through over 500 rare exhibits and memorabilia and ends in a 3D concert experience finale.

Imagineear created the accompanying multimedia tour, that details arguably the most influential rock ‘n’ roll band in history. As the exhibition has travelled, Imagineear have adapted content to reflect the band’s unique history in the US, and to contextualise the band’s UK origins for the local audience.

“We added many layers of additional material to the multimedia experience to give aficionados of the band, whatever their interests, a greater depth of content,” says Clare Cooper-Hammond, Managing Director of Imagineear.

“Whether it’s the music, the instruments, the album artwork, the collaborative musicians, the costumes, the stage sets, the videos and films of the band that fans are particularly interested in, the multimedia tour complements the show and gives visitors added value.”