Immotion Group signs $500,000 contract with iP2Entertainment

Immotion Group, the virtual reality entertainment specialist, has announced it has joined forces with iP2Entertainment, after signing a $500,000 VR and immersive content creation contract.

UK-based company Immotion Group is proud to announce this new partnership with the global family entertainment specialist. iP2Entertainment is based in Amsterdam, and works to provide immersive family experiences featuring well-loved characters and brands. These experiences are innovative, memorable, and exciting, providing both fun and education.

Immotion has been building a reputation as a world leader in high-quality VR content creation. The company has produced many proprietary experiences, both for its own motion platforms and for licensing to third-parties.

A new partnership

The new partnership is an exciting move for Immotion. Under the terms of the contract, the company will create three exclusive VR and immersive experiences for iP2Entertainment. The work is expected to be completed by November 2019, and visitors will be able to enjoy the new attractions in iP2Entertainment centres later this year and into 2020.

Both companies are viewing the collaboration as a positive move, as it will have significant benefits for both. It allows Immotion to create these experiences for iP2Entertainment while providing Immotion with access to them for non-competing uses.

“iP2Entertainment are well recognised as being one of the leading players in the ‘out of home’ immersive entertainment space,” says Martin Higginson, Group CEO, Immotion Group. “Having the opportunity to work with them in the creation of some cutting-edge VR experiences will not only deliver valuable revenue for the studio but also help us further develop and showcase our skill set in this exciting market, whilst providing access to some exciting new content.”

Developing exciting immersive experiences

man on leke vr ride immotion group

“Our studio has always been synonymous with the origination of high-quality content for many platforms,” says Ian Liddell, Group Creative Director, Immotion Group. “The considerable knowledge and experience we have gained creating proprietary VR experiences has quickly established us as one of the leading originators in the Global VR market. Within that period, we have had numerous requests to create and license content. Working with Global entertainment specialists, iP2Entertainment, in the development of some exciting immersive experiences will help us further hone and showcase our skills.”

Roger Houben, co-founder and CEO of iP2 says, “We are very pleased to have Ian and his team on board for the creation of several immersive media experiences for our family entertainment centres. Immotion is recognised as one of the best in the world in the creation of top-quality immersive media content productions. We look very much forward to working with them on this prestigious project. Hopefully the start of a long and mutually beneficial relationship.” 

Immotion also recently launched a world-first swimming with whales experience, where viewers can experience the wonders of the underwater world, including a whale birth.