Vortex Arena at Resorts World Birmingham powered by Immotion VR technology

Resorts World Birmingham’s new virtual reality centre, Vortex Arena, is powered by UK-based Immotion Group’s immersive VR technology.

Featuring a casino, cinema, shopping and restaurants, Resorts World Birmingham opened in 2015.

The Vortex Arena which opened this Easter, features top video game brands together with a mix of classic games and VR experiential games.  The family entertainment centre is located on the ground floor of Resorts World Birmingham and VR games include a VR sledge, a VR racer, VR battles and an intergalactic racing game.

Founded by Martin Higginson and David Marks, Immotion has partnered with Vortex Gaming, providing the complete VR infrastructure for the gaming centre.

Immotion’s VR technology combines movement and high-quality sound and visual graphics to give the player a truly immersive VR experience, far beyond what is currently available in the home.

“We’re delighted to work with Vortex Gaming and provide them with our range of highly immersive VR experiences and motion platforms.

“Players will be able to experience the delights of virtual reality first hand. From the thrills of roller coaster rides to deep sea diving, shooting zombies, to intergalactic motorcycle racing,” said Martin Higginson, Executive Chairman of Immotion Group.