Indian Culture Ministry to create 100 “Acropolis-type” experiential museums

The Indian Culture Ministry has put forward an ambitious plan to create new museums and revamp historic sites, including cutting queuing times.

The Economic Times reports that the Rs 27,000 crore ($3.8bn), five year plan includes 100 “Acropolis-type” experiential museums, reconstruction of historical sites and reducing queuing times at national monuments.

Authentic reconstruction and new experiential museums

11 historic sites have been identified for reconstruction, including Hampi and the Indus Valley.

100 experiential museums are also being planned.

In addition there are proposals for a national centre for performing arts and an Indian Institute of Culture to provide training to fill skills gaps.

Roughly one quarter of the budget will be assigned to the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), increasing its annual budget by seven times and is responsible for conserving the country’s historical sites.

Image: Acropolis Museum