Innovative creator of record-breaking amusement rides, Intamin, is celebrating the launch of its jet-ski family launch coaster at SeaWorld San Antonio.

‘Wave Breaker’ turns riders into rescuers, giving them a taste of SeaWorld’s frontline animal rescue efforts.

The queue line sets the scene. Here, guests learn about some of the 30,000 and more rescues carried out by the SeaWorld Rescue team over the past 50 years.

Intamin animal rescue jet-ski coaster opens at SeaWorld San Antonio

Then it’s time to take their places on the jet-ski style train and get ready for a mission of their own.

With room for 16 passengers in 8 rows of 2, the train leaves the station and moves forward for the pre-show briefing. At this point, riders are assigned their special animal rescue mission. There’s no time to lose, so it’s a case of gripping the handlebars and racing into action.

The first of the two friction-wheel launches starts directly over the water, giving riders the the sensation that they are racing across the park’s lake. Featuring a series of high-speed manoeuvres, guests get to feel the rush of the waves.

The second pulse-pounding launch boosts riders to a top speed of 71 km/h, reaching 19 metres with many more banked and serpentine turns.

What makes the Intamin ride so exhilarating is the combination of the consistent speed and turns throughout the smooth and silent ride track, plus the fact that 90 percent of the ride is over the surface of the water.

Intamin animal rescue jet-ski coaster opens at SeaWorld San Antonio

Each rescue mission takes over 3 minutes as riders hurtle along the 792 metre long track.

“Wave Breaker is an exciting and novel coaster for families to ride together, and adds to SeaWorld’s strong lineup of top-rated coasters,” reports SeaWorld San Antonio Park President, Carl Lum.

“But what truly delights me is that this attraction best represents what SeaWorld is all about. It brings together the best of SeaWorld in one thrilling ride, and carries a message that leaves guests feeling inspired.”