Shore Fun customers can play with coins or cards thanks to Intercard

Intercard, leaders in cashless technology for the attraction and amusement industry, has announced a new hybrid system to let customers play with coins or cards. The system has arrived at Shore Fun in Bethany Beach, Delaware, in time for the summer season.

For many, part of the fun of arcade games is saving up their quarters in anticipation. Eric Esterson, owner of the long-established Shore Fun Arcade knows this from experience, “People save up their quarters all year and then come down here for summer and spend them in here.” Esterson wanted to install a cashless system to accommodate his customers who want to pay by card but didn’t want to stop catering for tradition and loyal customers who love to spend cash in his arcade. The solution was a hybrid system from Intercard which adds extra flexibility and benefits.

Combining technology and tradition

Customers who buy in for higher amounts or who want to pay by card will now benefit from cashless technology in the arcade. Shore Fun plans to build on its use of Intercard’s cashless technology by introducing “dine and pay” packages and birthday parties in the new season, working with local restaurants.

intercard coin and card system

DeMott said the new system comes with lots of advantages. “Many of the games have readers and coin slots to accommodate both types of guests. That gives Shore Fun the ability to use electronic and paper tickets for redemption games, and the system can track and report revenue from card swipes and coin play.”

The technology was installed during the off-season last December. Esterson reports that the arcade has already experienced a rise in revenue from card play since the system came in, “We’re about 50% up on the off season,” he says. Shore Fun is now looking forward to seeing what the summer season will bring after Memorial Day.

Esterson praised the Intercard installation process and the help that was given by DeMott, “Todd’s been with us a lot. He helped us with everything from preparing for the installation, then the installation and even after the installation.”

Intercard will be showcasing The Edge Mobile Collection, a new suite of cashless technology apps, at upcoming trade showsDEAL and the Amusement Expo Show.