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Interspectral looks inside artefacts at the International Spy Museum

Leading creator of intuitive, interactive 3D visualisation experiences, Interspectral, has used cutting edge visualization technologies to look inside artefacts at The International Spy Museum in Washington DC.

Using technology from Interspectral the museum can unravel the secrets of a spy pen used during the Cold War.

interspectral spy pen

Thanks to the Interspectral visualization software and 3D X-ray scans, it is now possible to see the construction of a fountain camera pen at the museum.

The pen was issued by the CIA in the late 1970s. It contained a Tropel lens that was designed for photographing secret documents.

The Pen, and other gadgets, have been scanned by BWC Visual Technology and NTS using an Industrial CT scanner – a very powerful 3D X-ray scanner.

The data from the scans was then processed by Interspectral. They used the Inside Explorer software.

Inside Explorer has transformed the way museum visitors interact with information and exhibits. The easy-to-use technology allows users to investigate anything from the human skeleton to a flower seed in extraordinary detail.

interspectral spy pen

A recent example is the installation in Saint Louis Art Museum’s reimagined Egyptian galleries. Using Inside Explorer, visitors are able to unlock the hidden secrets of an Egyptian mummy by accessing a series of highly detailed CT-scans.

The Interspectral visualization platform is used by museums and cultural institutions around the world. It allows researchers and visitors to get new insights on a wide spectrum of cultural heritage objects. Needless to say, the spies of the Cold War would have loved it as well!

Images courtesy Interspectral