Kittens and puppies go on day trip to Georgia Aquarium

A group of kittens and puppies from the Atlanta Humane Society explored the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta whilst it is closed.

As the COVID-19 pandemic forces visitor attractions to close, the Atlanta Human Society has taken advantage of a closed Georgia Aquarium. The video is the latest in a number of cute animal videos filmed at attractions in lockdown.

First, some puppies went on a trip

At the end of March, the group took some stray puppies to the aquarium. In a tweet from the society, it said that the puppies had “the best. day. ever”. They certainly seemed to have fun, running around the aquarium.

This video has been extremely popular on twitter, with over 2.6 million views and 110,000 likes.

Then it was time for the kittens to visit

The kittens were obviously feeling left out, because they were taken on a field trip on Tuesday. They weren’t allowed to eat the fish, but seemed to have fun exploring and watching the jellyfish.

The Georgia Aquarium replied to this video, saying that their divers enjoyed meeting the kittens as they carried out their daily tasks to look after the fish.

Someone asked if any of the kittens in the video were available for adoption. Although they are currently too young, the Atlanta Humane Society re-assured the enquirer that once they are fully grown there will be an update. Hopefully the popularity of the video will mean these cute kittens are able to be adopted.

Animal videos have been extremely popular on social media as attractions are closed. The penguins at Shedd Aquarium have become famous on the internet after staff filmed them wandering around the empty aquarium.

The Georgia Aquarium Expansion 2020 will feature a shark gallery with floor to ceiling acrylic windows, aimed at increasing visitor understanding of sharks.