Lagotronics Projects creates educational VR experience for World Pavillion

Lagotronics Projects, the media-based attractions specialist, has announced a new educational Virtual Reality project at the World Pavillion in Steyl, the Netherlands. The VR experience shows visitors a glimpse of everyday life in Ghana.

The World Pavillion is a cultural experience centre. Visitors, including schools, families and organisations, can learn about different African cultures and traditions. Activities include games, role-play activities and workshops. Now, thanks to Lagotronics Projects, guests can experience daily life in Ghana.

Through the VR experience, visitors get a unique insight into the culture and religion of Ghana. It is composed of three parts, a bus ride, life in a typical village, and the boat journey of a refugee.

lagotronics world pavillion

A realistic educational experience

For the bus ride, visitors sit in an actual bus, but the windows have been replaced by monitors. These show footage from a real-life bus ride through Ghana. This creates a realistic experience. To get a close-up look at Ghanaian village life, guests don VR glasses and are shown a 360-degree view of a real village, while walking around freely.

The VR also helps to put people in the shoes of refugees, showing a dangerous boat journey. The World Pavillion hopes this will give visitors an idea of what a refugee has to go through, and some of the reasons why they might undertake this risky journey. During the experience, guests enter a real refugee boat while wearing VR glasses to see what the trip would have been like.

“Lagotronics Projects has been a great help in realizing our dream,” says René Poels, Chairman of the World Pavilion. “Those guys are experts who have professionally transformed our ideas to great life-like experiences. We are very proud of the result and happy that we chose Lagotronics Projects to work with.”

Lagotronics Projects has recently also created an interactive dark ride in Japan, themed its Farm Fair intellectual property.