Lagotronics Projects upgrades interactive dark ride at CONNY-LAND

The ‘Dino-Attack’ dark ride at CONNY-LAND has been upgraded by Lagotronics Projects to create a fun interactive themed family experience.

Family theme park CONNY-LAND in Lipperswil, Switzerland, has around 50 attractions, rides and live shows to appeal to all ages.

Lagotronics Projects, a leader in turnkey theme park solutions, interactive attractions, show experiences and dark rides, was brought in to give the park’s Dino-Attack dark ride a makeover.

Lagotronics Projects upgrades Dino-Attack interactive dark ride at CONNY-LAND

Mark Beumers, CEO Lagotronics Projects created a new storyline to tie in with the existing dinosaur theme: Lost World.  Lagotronics Projects then enhanced the story with a brand new interactive system and additional show elements like lighting, audio, video and special effects.

The story centres around a discovery that dinosaurs are alive in a remote cave in the Alps.  Explorer Gustav van Grotto needs help to protect the dinosaurs’ eggs.  Visitors ride on special cave-jeeps to venture into the cave to find and mark all the eggs with a special ‘Egg-Marker’.

The Lost World ride has 9 four-seated vehicles, the two front seats of which are equipped with special ‘Egg-Marker’ guns.  All eggs in the cave have a target installed, and some have additional surprising features.

Lagotronics Projects upgrades Dino-Attack interactive dark ride at CONNY-LAND

The ride also includes special effects, several animations and more surprising interactive elements. At the end of the ride there is a big LCD screen, showing individual scores of the visitors, including the high score of the day and year.  Riders can purchase their photo at the end of the ride complete with their score.

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