LAI Games releases three new experiences for Virtual Rabbids

LAI Games announces new content for  Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride.

Three fresh ride experiences will be added to the line-up as follows:

  • Pantry Pandemonium. The Player’s vehicle is miniaturised as they get chased around by Rabbid cooks.
  • Space Striker. The player’s ship navigates through a space station, asteroids and attacks of Rabbids from outer space.
  • Crazy Coaster. Set on a rollercoaster ride built by Rabbids, and full of surprises.

LAI Games recently agreed a new multi-region distribution partnership for Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride with Sega. The company will distribute the award-winning game in countries throughout South America, Europe and Asia.

“Virtual Rabbids is without shadow of a doubt an exceptionally innovative VR experience that has the benefit of being able to be operated without an attendant, thus giving record-breaking return on investment,” says Sega Amusements CEO, Paul Williams. “We are incredibly pleased to be able to bring this product to our customer base.”


The LAI Games and Sega team celebrate their new distribution deal for Virtual Rabbids at IAAPA Attractions Expo