MK Themed Attractions welcomes Mallorie Levent to the team

MK Themed Attractions, the Danish theming expert, is welcoming a well-known face from the attractions industry to the team, Mallorie Levent.

MK Themed Attractions is pleased to announce that Mallorie Levent is joining the company as chargée d’affaires France/Europe, where she will support the sales team as MK Themed Attractions expands its business in the region.

Levent, who is from Northern France, will put her language skills to use as the company develops into the French-speaking market.



Bringing valuable insights to the team

Levent previously worked for Concept 1900, a leading carousel manufacturer based in France. This role gave her a good knowledge of the French attractions industry.

The decision for MK Themed Attractions to develop into the French-speaking attractions market is based on a full market analysis, as well as the several successful collaborations that the company has worked on with French theme parks.

“We see a great opportunity for our company to expand into the French-speaking markets and have been so lucky to get a native French-speaking talented colleague on our team, who is motivated to help our clients create spellbinding theming for their various attractions,” says Lars Nielsen, Themed Attractions Specialist at MK Themed Attractions.

Passion for the industry

Djurs Sommerland MK Themed Attractions

Djurs Sommerland

“I enjoy the attraction industry so much, and wanted to take on a new work-life adventure, and saw this opportunity at MK Themed Attractions,” says Levent. “I love providing smiles around the world and feel the fresh young vibe that surrounds attractions and the experiences they create, so it felt very natural for me to take on the role at MK Themed Attractions.”

“I have two boys who are of great inspiration for me, as I always imagine myself with my kids when I enter a client’s attraction. Through this approach, it makes it easy for me to ‘look through my kid’s eyes’ and see what they would love to experience at the attraction, which helps me give clients advice, inspiration and ideas on how they can enhance their experiences through theming.”

The company will be exhibiting at SNELAC (Syndicat National des Espaces de Loisirs, d’Attractions et Culturels) in France from 5 – 7 October 2020.

“I look very much forward to presenting MK Themed Attractions at SNELAC in October, where I hope to see many familiar faces and present the endless theming opportunities that MK Themed Attractions has to offer,” adds Levent.

MK Themed Attractions recently celebrated the opening of the newly rethemed Speed Zone at Walibi Holland, which it worked on with Leisure Expert Group.